Greenskies solar panels

Reduce your energy bills by up to 60%* with Worcester Greenskies Solar Panels.

Solar hot water systems (also known as Solar Thermal) harness heat from sunlight by capturing energy which is radiated by the sun within solar panels or collectors.

Solar Water Heating is not to be confused with Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic), which is designed to generate electricity. Worcester does not currently sell Solar PV as our main focus is delivering heating and hot water comfort.

This heat energy is then moved down pipes to the hot water cylinder within your home, reducing the need to use Gas, Oil or Electricity to heat the hot water you require; lowering energy bills as well as your carbon footprint. You can find out more on our Solar Water Heating Explained page.

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Solar panels offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to provide around 60%* of your homes hot water requirement
  • Capability to heat hot water in both direct and cloud diffused sunlight
  • Compatibility with either a current Gas or Oil fired regular or system boiler, or heat pump.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust

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Solar water heating explained

Discover just how much savings you can make by installing a solar water heating system.

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Our solar water heating products qualify for a number of government funded schemes.

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