Carbon-reducing, greener heating, heat pumps are super efficient, keeping your home warm and your carbon footprint down.

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Thinking of switching?

As great for your home as they are for the planet, a heat pump may be the way to go if you’re looking to move to a renewable way of heating. However, some homes may not be suitable to for this new technology without some remedial work due to the type of building, levels of insulation and age of the property.

Lead the way to greener heating and find out if your home is right for a heat pump, by using our simple checker. 

Heat pumps not right for your home?

If a heat pump isn’t the best solution for your home right now, there are plenty of other options to keep your bills and carbon consumption low. A hybrid system which combines both a heat pump and a boiler may be a better option, or a high efficiency and future-proofed boiler may be the right choice for you.

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