LPG boilers offer a convenient, hyper-efficient, and cost-effective heating solution.

As the most environmentally friendly of the off-grid fossil fuel options, LPG gives the UK’s four million homes not connected to the mains gas grid many of the benefits of mains gas no matter where your home is situated, and the flexibility of purchasing different amounts based on your needs.

What is an LPG boiler?

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) refers to propane and butane, two colourless liquids that burn extremely efficiently to heat hard-to-reach homes.

Popular for properties in rural locations, LPG boilers work in mostly the same way as conventional gas boilers – but with a fuel storage tank which the homeowner needs to keep an eye on in case it runs low.

As LPG boilers are not connected to the mains, the fuel must be delivered and replenished on a regular basis.

What is an LPG boiler?

Benefits of an LPG boiler

Off-grid homes

Perfect for off-grid homes

If your property is in a rural location or isn’t connected to the mains gas grid, LPG is an extremely efficient and convenient alternative to heat your home.

high density low storage

High-density, low storage

LPG is a high-density gas, which means you can store large amounts of it in liquid form without taking up lots of space. That means a smaller tank and a more discreet solution.


Quiet and discreet

As well as smaller tanks and the flexibility of having them above or below ground, LPG boilers also run extremely quietly and can go unnoticed by visiting guests.

LPG system boiler

LPG system boiler

If you have multiple bathrooms or need hot water on demand, system boilers can handle the pressure. By retaining hot water in a storage cylinder, it can handle high demand at any time of day – whilst still being more compact than a conventional boiler, which needs a cold water tank too.

The popularity of LPG boilers in rural areas, which are also hotspots for solar power, makes a system boiler a more futureproof choice. Their compatibility with solar panelling gives you the option to transition in the future.

LPG combi boilers

Combi boilers are popular for being the most compact solution, as they don’t need a hot or cold water storage tank. LPG combi boilers give another similar benefit, in giving you the option to use cylinder storage rather than getting a fuel tank installed – making this one of the most space-saving options for off grid homes.

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a combi boiler, which tackles both your water and heating needs in one unit, makes it one of the most in-demand types across the UK.

LPG combi boilers

Why a Worcester Bosch LPG boiler?

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LPG boiler

How much does an LPG boiler cost?

Modern LPG boilers are extremely efficient and can compete with many mains gas boiler installations. When considering your options as an off-grid home, LPG is also generally considered the cheaper and more efficient solution when compared to oil.

Another benefit of LPG is that there are far more Gas Safe engineers available and qualified, than there are OFTEC engineers (who work on oil-based systems). Being able to find a quick and cheap solution is an important consideration, for both installation and maintenance.  

Can I get an LPG boiler installed?

The main difference between LPG boilers and mains gas boilers is that they require an external fuel source. Whether that’s in the form of small portable cylinders or a permanent tank, you’ll need to make space in the appropriate place.

Apart from that, there is little difference in the day-to-day operation when compared to other fuel types. LPG boilers are most popular in rural, hard-to-reach, or holiday park locations – because they tend to be off the gas grid.

LPG boiler installation

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