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Important Notice. Owing to the recent cold weather, we are experiencing a high volume of customer enquiries. If your enquiry relates to boiler performance, please first click here for advice as freezing weather can cause boiler condensate pipes to freeze, which can prevent the boiler from functioning. Thank you for your patience.

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If your Worcester product doesn't appear to be working, it may be related to something else. The most common things to check are listed below, but you should also visit our troubleshooting area to see if you can find the answers you're looking for there.

  • The electricity supply to the appliance may have failed.
  • The mains gas may be turned off
  • If you have a pre-pay gas meter there may not be any credit left
  • The mains water may be off
  • There may be visible damage to the flue outlet
  • The boiler controls (e.g. room thermostats or programmers) may not be switched on or may require new batteries
  • The boiler's condensate pipe may be frozen, find out more
  • The heating system may need repressurising, find out how to do this

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