Goodbye sticky summer days, stuffy nights and overheating while working from home. And farewell to odours, allergens, and viruses. Hello year-round comfort, refreshing clean air, and a better night’s sleep. Cool, right?

Beat the heat

Why choose Bosch air conditioning?

Silent night

Silent night

Always enjoy a peaceful night with the quiet cool of silent mode.

5 year guarantee

Peace of mind

Our guarantee means peace of mind for years to come.

heating and cooling

Heating & cooling

Cool off in the summer and warm up when it's chilly to enjoy year-round comfort.

How air con works

Quiet, discreet, and quick to install – our air conditioning units do all the hard work behind the scenes, to keep your home cool, comfy, and quiet. Air con includes two main units – an indoor box, connected inside the home, and an outdoor box, connected outside your home.

  • An indoor unit, installed high inside a room in your home, removes warm air and replaces it with cooler air from an outdoor vent, which is fitted to a roof, balcony, or outside wall.
  • An outdoor unit is normally fitted to a roof, balcony, or wall, this is where the warm air is released outdoors and where the cooler air can be collected.
Benefits of air con
how an air con unit works

Angellica Bell talks air con in our Savvy Series

We’ve teamed up with one of TV’s most savvy stars, Angellica Bell, to help you look after your home, your bills and the environment by making home heating and cooling simple.

Why go for air con?

Our air conditioning does more than just keep you cool. Much more:

  • Rapid, on-demand heating and cooling for individual rooms.
  • Clean, filtered air with 95% less dust, smoke, and pollen.
  • Circulated air with directional fans.
  • Quiet, gentle cooling for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Low humidity cooling with a higher air quality.
Beat the heat
air conditioning unit

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Bosch Climate 3000i

Keep cool whatever the weather, and get a peaceful night’s sleep, with purified air at just the right temperature for you.

Bosch Climate 5000M

Choose your preferred climate around multiple rooms in your home with the flexibility of the Bosch Climate 5000M air conditioning unit. 

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