There’s much more to air conditioning than staying cool during the summer.

Better air for a better home

From keeping your allergies at bay, to improving the air quality of your home, and even warming you up during colder months – air con has everything you need to keep comfortable, all year round.

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Warm or cool air conditioning

Warm up or cool down, on-demand

There’s an easier way to keep your home at a nice temperature, rather than opening and closing your windows or fiddling with your radiators.

Using smart controls and remote settings via the HomeCom app, air conditioning and heating can maintain a constant temperature throughout your home – whether you want a summer breeze or winter warmth

Breathe easier, even with allergies

If you suffer from asthma, hayfever, or any other allergies triggered by airborne particles – air con could make all the difference to your daily life.

With built-in air filters, our air conditioning units remove almost all the dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens from the air, so you can breathe easier.

Air filter for allergens
Clean, fresh air

Cleaner, fresher air, all day long

Think about the air in your home like the water from your tap. It’s perfectly good to drink, but isn’t the filtered stuff always much better?

Better air quality isn’t just for those with allergies. Air conditioning ventilates and circulates throughout your home, drawing air from outdoors and filtering the air indoors.

Get a better night’s sleep

We sleep best at cooler temperatures. The warmer the room, the longer it takes to drift off (and the more likely it is that you’ll wake up again.)

By controlling your sleeping and waking room temperature, you can get a good night’s rest and a great start for tomorrow.

How to get the best sleep

A better night's sleep

Why choose Worcester Bosch

5 year guarantee

Up to 5 years guarantee

Use your air conditioning with full confidence.

A++ energy rating

A++ energy efficiency

Relax in good conscience with ultra-efficient cooling.

99% bacteria killed

99% bacteria killed

Breathe better, cleaner, fresher air at home.

How air conditioning works

How air conditioning units work

Air conditioning works by creating an exchange between your home and the great outdoors – normally via an indoor and outdoor box.

Indoor unit – this works by collecting in the warm air of your home and swapping it for cooler, cleaner, filtered air.

Outdoor unit – this is where the warm air from your home is drawn in and released outside.

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