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Air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable all year round.

Whether it’s in a surprise heatwave or during a long, cold winter, air conditioning means that it’ll always be t-shirt weather indoors. Breathe fresh, clean, filtered air at home, all the time – with a Bosch air conditioning system.

How does it work?

Most modern air conditioning units have an indoor unit, fixed to the inside of a room in your home, and an outdoor unit, attached to the exterior of your property. They exchange heat from one to the other, to keep your home set to your desired temperature.

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Indoor air conditioning unit

Indoor units

Most air conditioning units work very similarly to your kitchen fridge.

Think of the indoor unit like the inside of your fridge – it cools the air down. It does this by drawing in the warm air from around the unit, cooling it over a very cold metal coil, and re-releasing it into your home.

If your air conditioning unit has a heater built-in, this will also be part of the indoor unit and it will warm up, instead of cool down, the air.

Outdoor units

The outdoor unit works like the back of your fridge – it lets the heat out but releases the air outside of your home.

Once the warm air has been drawn into the indoor unit, it passes through your wall and into the outdoor unit, where it is expelled outside.

Your air conditioner may also have a dehumidifier, filter, fan or air purifier built into it – to maintain a high air quality and even air flow throughout your home.

Outdoor air conditioning unit

Why choose Worcester Bosch

5 year guarantee

Up to 5 years guarantee

All of our Bosch air conditioning units come with the benefit of a 5 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind and a cool home.

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All products are manufactured with Bosch levels of quality and reliability as standard.


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Benefits of air conditioning

There’s plenty more to home air conditioning than cold air:

  • Rapid, on demand heating or cooling
  • Clean, filtered air, free of dust, smoke, and pollen
  • Fresher and less humid air, circulated around your home
  • Silent mode for light sleepers and night-time cooling


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