Do I have to replace my gas boiler from 2025?

No, Gas boilers will not be banned from 2025. It is likely however, that new build properties from 2025 will not achieve the 75% - 80% carbon reduction targets they have been given with a gas-fired boiler. Consequently, it is likely that new build properties will be heated with a renewable heating technology such as a heat pump.

Can I still replace my old gas boiler? And do I need to replace it before 2025?

Yes you can replace your existing gas-fired boiler and no, you don’t have to do this before 2025. There is talk that only gas-fired boilers that can be connected to a hydrogen gas supply can be purchased in the future, there is yet though no legislation or policy changes in place.

If it becomes the case that only hydrogen-ready boilers can be placed onto the market in the future then rest assured, Worcester Bosch will have a full range of hydrogen ready boilers available.

Hydrogen boiler

Hydrogen Boilers

A hydrogen-ready boiler is a gas-fired heating boiler which is capable of burning either natural gas or pure (100%) hydrogen.

heat pumps

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a relatively new technology in the UK although they are widely used in Scandinavia and many parts of Europe where there is an abundance of renewably sourced electricity.

hybrid systems

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid heating and hot water system is a combination of two or more technologies generating heat to provide heating and hot water to the home or building.

Why should I replace my boiler now?

Our current range of highly efficient Greenstar gas boilers are able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend, so once you purchase a new Worcester Bosch boiler, you can be confident your boiler will run on gas for its lifetime.

This means, that when the government begins to increase the amount of ‘green gases’ into the UK gas grid, your customers can be confident their new gas boiler will run for its lifetime without any wholesale changes to switch to an electric boiler for example.

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What will replace gas boilers after 2025?

As a market leader, we’ve had the opportunity to input and gain insight into both the government's and our industry's plan to achieve net zero within home heating.  Take a look at the current timelines being discussed.

Government timeline

future of home heating

Future of Heating

Learn more about the future of home heating and get answers to frequently asked questions

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