Picture our Which? Best Buy endorsed boilers working in harmony with our Quiet Mark certified heat pumps and you have the joy of hybrid heating. It’s a smart solution that gives you the best of both worlds; so you can ‘go green’ quicker and easier, and enjoy home heating that’s reliable and responsible.

How do Hybrid systems work?

A hybrid heating and hot water system is a combination of two or more technologies teaming up to generate heat, as a low carbon alternative for home heating. These typically consist of a gas or oil boiler and an air to water heat pump.

The heat pump is expecting to generate heat for 70-80% of the time and, during colder months, the boiler acts as a top-up, giving all year-round comfort.

Hybrid systems
Hybrid systems

Do I need a Hybrid system?

Over 80% of UK homes were built before 1960 and are generally not that efficient with relatively poor fabric insulation and glazing – this can make a standalone heat pump potentially unsuitable without additional investment to the property.

The good news is that hybrid heat pumps however can be more flexible to accommodate more property types, making them a viable option for less thermally efficient homes, like period properties – so you can achieve carbon savings immediately, whilst giving yourself more time to improve the fabric of your property.

Team up for greener heating
Get home heating savvy

Get home heating savvy

We’ve teamed up with one of TV’s most savvy stars, Angellica Bell, to help you look after your home, your bills and the environment by making greener heating simple.


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From cutting-edge minimal designs, to low energy, hydrogen-blend ready boilers, we’ve got you covered. 

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Lead the way in enjoying carbon-reducing, greener heating. Super quiet and super efficient, our heat pumps are as great for your home as they are for the planet.

Is my home suitable for a hybrid?


Hybrid systems can be more flexible than standalone heat pumps to accommodate a wider variety of property types, making them a viable option for less thermally efficient homes. Lead the way to greener heating and find out if your home is right for a hybrid system, by using our simple checker below.


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