Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW
Hybrid 7000i AW Hybrid 7000i AW

Bosch Compress Hybrid 7000i AW overview

Our Hybrid 7000iAW heat pump delivers low carbon heat, supported by all the benefits and back-up of a gas combi boiler for all year-round comfort. The best of both worlds.

Suitable in for a wide variety of homes across the UK, they can be retrofitted into an existing heating system or perfectly suited for new build and full home renovations.

Dependent on the outdoor temperature and room temperature settings, the unit will either call for heat from the heat pump, the boiler or both.

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Main features

  • Hybrid 7000iAW is compatible with our 5kW, 7kW and 9kW air to water heat pumps
  • Delivers carbon savings immediately with limited remedial works needed to your homes fabric, piping and radiators
  • The hybrid unit sits between your outdoor heat pump and boiler and optimises your heating supply
  • Quiet Mark approved heat pumps work peacefully in your living space (sound levels similar to a modern fridge)
  • No need for hot water storage
  • Bosch renowned design and build quality
  • Suitable for all home sizes including use in urban areas
  • Doesn’t require any pipework in the ground
  • Low maintenance and futureproof
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Hybrid 7000i AW

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