Cool, clean, quiet

Keep cool whatever the weather, and get a peaceful night’s sleep, with purified air at just the right temperature for you. With silent mode, your bedroom will be cool, calm, and quiet, all night long.

Climate 3000i air conditioning unit

We’ve all been there, desperately trying to keep cool during the regular summer heatwaves we now experience.

The Bosch Climate 3000i air conditioning unit can not only keep you cool and comfortable during the summer, but if you’ve got a conservatory that gets cold in the winter, or a home office in the garden, is a fantastic way to heat these areas in the winter.

Our air conditioning units are quiet, compact and feature a purifying filter that eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke odour and pollen providing you with cleaner air.

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climate 3000i
climate 3000i

Why choose the Climate 3000i?

  • Filtered air: Clean, filtered air in your home
  • Efficient: Save on energy, with 3 power settings and eco-mode
  • Flexible: Use in conservatories, bedrooms or home offices
  • Easy: Control your home climate from your smartphone, wherever you are
  • Sleep better: Keep cool and calm with silent mode
  • All-in-one: Heating, cooling, and filtering all from 1 unit

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