We are proud to have formed an alliance with the Sustainable Homes and Buildings Coalition. Formed by the NatWest Group, the cross-sector partnership, which includes British Gas and Shelter has been put in place to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions from homes and buildings across the UK.

Coalition Reports

This is one of the biggest challenges to achieving net zero, and this is clearly shown by the fact that approximately 14% of all UK emissions are from residential heating and hot water.

The Coalition has come together to tackle that challenge by engaging directly with the consumer and placing them at the heart of the green home heating conversation for the first time. There are so many debates going on at industry and policy level, but little consideration of what it means to homeowners – the people who are going to be most affected.


Working with our partners, we intend to change that

We aim to guide homeowners through the confusion and help them make greener home heating choices with confidence. This in turn will help the nation move towards a more sustainable future.

By helping to educate homeowners on their options we believe this will lead to more opportunities to implement greener heating solutions that are suitable for all property types – instead of one technology type taking preference.

Currently we have launched two reports as a Coalition. The first - ‘Home is where the Heat is’ - looked in detail at the different technology options for greener home heating and where they would be most suited and the opportunities to improve UK homes and their benefits. Download it here.

Our follow-up ‘Home is where the Heat is – progress report’ followed, launched in October 2022 at a Parliamentary event.

Download it here

A shared passion to inspire greener heating

Sustainability is at the core of our business. At Worcester Bosch we strive to protect our planet for future generations, in the products we manufacture, the way we package and distribute them, and through the processes we use at our manufacturing plants.

By acting in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner, we want to improve people’s quality of life and safeguard the livelihoods of present and future generations. This is backed up by our purpose ‘Warming Lives and Protecting our Future’ which runs through our entire business.

A shared passion to inspire greener heating
Warming Lives and Protecting our Future

Warming Lives and Protecting our Future

This purpose is also why we have pledged our name to the Coalition. By working with likeminded companies we believe this will help us continue to lead the way for the development and introduction of future heating technologies. The Coalition continues the work we have been doing, to ensure you feel educated and inspired to choose the right technology for your properties. It will complement our Future of Home Heating Hub where we look to keep you up to date with the latest development in this space.

Future of home heating

Home is where the Heat is reports

The first report we produced as a Coalition was titled ‘Home is where the Heat is', which aimed to speak to homeowners, giving clear information on the challenge, the technology on offer and much more, placing them at the heart of the green buildings transition and hopefully providing inspiration to make greener choices for home heating in the future.

The report covered topics such as:

  • The opportunities to improve UK homes and their benefits
  • Different technology options for greener home heating and which will best suit your home
  • What sources are most trusted when it comes to climate change
  • How the coalition can drive change towards a more sustainable future

Home is where the Heat is report

Follow up Report

The follow-up ‘Progress Report’ launched in October 2022 and intends to shed much needed light on the importance of customer first approaches to the home retrofitting industry, by showcasing the real-life experiences of several households from Tyne & Wear to Pontypool. The report includes:

  • Insights into public sentiment around home energy efficiency
  • A snapshot into the work the Coalition has undertaken since its launch in October 2021, including how many customers, MPs and councils have been engaged
  • Details and learnings around the retrofit journeys of the nine homes chosen in the UK
  • Recommendations around policy for Government to support energy efficiency delivery this decade

As a Coalition we are working together to drive change and guide the UK’s move to net zero. This latest report shares the lessons we are learning and shines a light on the amount of work and considerations required to decarbonise home heating and ensure the country reaches its net zero 2050 targets.

NatWest Greener Homes

  • 7% of homeowners said they were very likely to consider changing their gas boilers for a different energy source in the next 3 years due to rising gas prices
  • 63% of homeowners are planning to make improvements to the sustainability of their property over the next decade
  • One-third of prospective homebuyers say a property's EPC rating is 'very important'


Source: Natwest Greener Homes Attitude Tracker (January 2022)