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Greenstar boilers make installation easy

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Worcester has introduced a new range of Greenstar floor-standing gas-fired boilers and made a number of refinements and improvements to its award winning Greenstar wall-mounted series to help make life much easier for busy installers and give their customers a great deal at the same time.

Between them, the Greenstar Si, i and Ri ranges of high efficiency wall-mounted appliances now have a number of clever new features that not only make the boilers easy to install but are capable of saving precious time on the job too.

The addition of four new floor-standing models, including an updated version of the popular Greenstar Highflow 440 CDi, completes the offer of a boiler to suit every installation requirement.

Greenstar Si, i and Ri wall-mounted series

New features for autumn 2008 include the ability to pre-plumb the condensate pipework to the wall mounting jig, a universal fitting for the condensate trap, which is capable of accommodating various different pipe manufacturers’ products meaning no additional work has to be carried out on site.

A 2 metre length of electrical mains cable has been pre-wired to the control board to save installers up to 20 minutes, which would have previously been spent doing this in-situ. This allows the boiler to be wired directly to a fusible spur.

To make the boilers much easier to get into position, the wall mounting jig has also been re-designed to offer other features. The vertical sides of the frame are now made from re-enforced plastic and as an extra measure to help ensure the boiler is fitted squarely to the wall, the new jig also incorporates a spirit level - so there’s no need for juggling extra equipment to get it right first time.

Other benefit-driven additions to the Greenstar Si, i and Ri boilers include vertical pre-piping assembly of pre-fabricated pipework together with an earth bonding strip. This relieves installers from having to pre-bend pipework behind the boiler should a vertical pipework be necessary. The earth bonding strip will bond all of the pipework together to give an equal potential to each and eliminate the need for any wire and clamp bonding arrangements.

The refinements join other innovative features that have been a familiar sight on Worcester products for the past few years, such as the reliable WB6 heat exchanger that is found at the heart of all Greenstar boilers and made from cast aluminium silicon heat exchanger technology. The renowned WB5 and WB6 heat cells also benefit from a 10 year warranty guarantee.

From the point of view of ease of installation, each of the Greenstar boilers also has a routing channel built-in to the back of the boiler, which is designed to allow pipes to pass behind the unit without the need for an additional spacing frame. Again, this can help save up to £15 on the cost of purchasing an additional frame and assembly time ahead of the job.

Further reductions can be made as a result of the optional fascia mounted controls available in mechanical, digital and radio frequency versions, saving labour and costs from £60 to £200 depending on the run from the boiler to the position the room temperature sensor will be.

Sitting alongside the new, improved Si, i and Ri boilers, the Greenstar CDi continues to meet the needs of installers and customers alike. Featuring a fully modulating pump instead of a fixed speed pump, the CDi can help homeowners save up to £50 per year on an average household gas bill and electricity bills due to the reduced electrical consumption of the pump and the ability of the CDi to fully condense whilst providing domestic hot water, whatever the temperature.

Greenstar floor-standing series

Alongside the new wall-mounted models, the Greenstar gas-fired boiler series has been further extended with the introduction of three brand new floor-standing models and an upgraded version of the existing Greenstar Highflow 440 CDi (8 – 30kW). Brand new models available include the Greenstar Highflow 550 CDi (11 to 42kW), the Greenstar FS 30 CDi Regular (8-30kW) and the Greenstar FS 42 CDi Regular (11 to 42kW).

These boilers feature the same fascia aesthetics as the wall-mounted appliances, meaning the combi’s same breadth of control options can be offered to make it easy for installers to switch between installing wall mounted and floor standing boilers with ease. This similarity also means we can offer virtually the same range of flue options as the CDi range, including plume management kits and accessories for increased siting options.

As flexibility is paramount, a brand new 4.5 metre head condensate pump has been incorporated into the new floor standing models to reduce restrictions on where the boilers are positioned within the home. And because many of the existing, standard efficiency floor standing boilers in British homes will have been installed using a flue liner through a chimney, Worcester has designed a Flexi Flue liner to make chimney installations easier, which is ideal for replacement scenarios.

Additional benefits to the floor-standing Highflow boilers include the inclusion of wheels fitted to the base to allow for ease of installation, meaning the boiler can be slide easily into place. The boilers are also fitted with a pre-plumbing jig optional filling link. Ideal for new builds, the new jig allows pipework to be connected and flushed prior to fitting the boiler. Plus they now deliver the best hot water performance on the market from a domestic combi boiler, offering 180 litres domestic hot water at an average of a 35oC rise at flow rates of up to 25 litres/minute.

The new floor-standing products also feature the reliable WB5 heat cell, which is popular with installers, plus the heatronic III control system. This control system is the same one used on the Greenstar wall-mounted series and combined with the changed industrial design allows Worcester to offer the full range of plug-in timers, as per the current CDi.

Date published: 8th September, 2008

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