Which Award

Another year of success

In the 2020 Boiler Brands report carried out by Which? Worcester Bosch scored brilliantly once again, being awarded Which? Best Buys across our entire Greenstar gas and oil boiler ranges. Worcester Bosch performed exceptionally for reliability and customer satisfaction.

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‘Worcester Bosch performs so consistently well in our annual reliability surveys that its name is synonymous with dependability.’

 Which? Best Boiler Brands Report 2020

Which best buy 2020

Recommended by Which?

The report gives homeowners a useful insight into which brands to go for if you don’t want a boiler that will let you down when the temperatures drop. Which? have summarised and we couldn’t put it better ourselves:

‘We’ve had members tell us that seeing a Worcester Bosch boiler while viewing a property has elicited sighs of relief, as ‘at least I won’t need to replace the boiler anytime soon’

Which? throughout the years

Which award 2014


Worcester Bosch continues to be the best gas boiler brand. Its customers are the happiest of any brand’s customers.

Which award 2017


Worcester Bosch continues to be the benchmark against which other boiler brands should be judged. 

Which award 2019


Reliability is the single most important consideration when buying a new boiler and Worcester Bosch has it in spades.

Our quietest combi boiler

Our Greenstar 2000 is our quietest combi boiler yet and is endorsed with a Which? Best buy award

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Our premium design led boiler

Our Greenstar 8000 boiler features a modern new design and is endorsed with a Which? Best buy award

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