2000 and 8000 boilers

Greenstar Comfort Compatibility

The below controls are compatible with the Greenstar 8000, 4000 and 2000.

Comfort RF Key

Greenstar Comfort+ II RF

All the features of Greenstar Comfort+ and Comfort+ I RF (see below) combined in one unit, while also including:

  • 6 adjustable CH temperatures for each set-point per day.
  • Programme and control CH and DHW at the room thermostat - perfect for boilers that are not easily accessible.

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Comfort Stat RF Key

Greenstar Comfort+ Stat RF

  • Pre-paired wireless room thermostat and RF key receiver.
  • Perfect replacing an existing, less efficient room thermostat.
  • Compatible with existing, external 230V programmers or MT20.

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Comfort Key

Greenstar Comfort+ (8000 Style and 4000 only)

  • Activates timer functionality via boiler display.
  • 7-day time control for CH and DHW.
  • 3 adjustable CH and DHW time periods.
  • Use with Sense I for Boiler+ compliance.

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Comfort RF Key

Greenstar Comfort+ I RF (8000 Style and 4000 only)

All the features of Comfort+ while also including:

  • Pre-paired wireless room thermostat and RF key receiver.
  • Load compensation for enhanced efficiency.

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The Greenstar Comfort range can be fitted with our Greenstar boilers when installed with our diverter valve kit.

Greenstar 8000 Life and Style system boiler (30 & 35kW) diverter valve kit - 7 738 112 913

Greenstar 4000 system boiler diverter valve kit (12 - 24kW) - 7 733 601 251

Simply plug ‘the key’ into the boiler and it is pre-paired with the Comfort control.  Once plugged in, you’re ready to go and set up your customers heating system easily. 

Our Greenstar Comfort+ does not come with a thermostat, rather it awakens the timer function on the 8000 Style boiler display itself.

The guarantee of our EasyControl, Comfort and Sense range will match the Worcester Bosch boiler that it is installed with (Terms and conditions apply). 

So when fitted with a Greenstar boiler and Greenstar System Filter, it will achieve the same extended guarantee length as the boiler.

Technical support

Should you have any technical queries on our range of controls, please call our controls technical support team on 0330 123 3641.

Worcester Bosch technical support