Can a Greenstar Oil boiler be used with the existing conventional flue?

The conventional flue must comply with the following:


  • Open (conventional) flued appliances must not be installed in or take ventilation from a bedroom, bathroom or bedsitting room
  • The flue system must be in accordance with BS5410: Part 1 and the current Building Regulations
  • The flue must be constructed of materials suitable for the use of condensing combustion products
  • External flue systems must be of insulated type
  • Brick and masonry chimneys must be lined with a suitable non-combustible material and properly jointed to withstand the effects of the working temperature (minimum rating of material 120°C) of the appliance and any condensate which may be produced
  • All flue joints must be sealed to prevent the leakage of condensate and combustion products
  • Ensure that joints are made so that the condensate runs away and is not collected within the joint NOTE: The flue can be increased in size from the boiler take off point providing the joint is correctly sealed. Never reduce the flue diameter from the boiler take off point.
  • The flue should be vertical and contain as few bends as possible, a maximum of two 135° bends should be used
  • The flue outlet must be extended beyond the eaves of the building and where possible, above the apex
  • Fit a suitable anti down-draught terminal where down draughts are experienced