Can I use a BMS system with a 0 - 10 volt signal to control the GB162?

Yes, it is possible for both single boiler installations and cascade boiler installations to be controlled by a 0 - 10 volt signal.

With a single boiler installation, this can be done by using an EM10 module that allows the BMS system to control the boiler output with a 0 - 10 volt signal.

With a cascade boiler installation there are two ways to set this up:

1) If the BMS system is able to manage the boilers, and is monitoring the temperature of the system, then you can use an EM10 for each boiler to manage their outputs just like a single boiler.

2) Alternatively, if the BMS system only has one 0 - 10 volt output, and is unable to manage the boilers, then you will require an MCM10 control module to monitor the temperature of the system and manage the outputs of the boilers.