What are the key maintenance requirements for Greensource Air to Water Heat Pumps?

It will need servicing once a year by a qualified maintenance technician. The technician will need to check a number of things during the service, including:

  • A temperature pressure relief valve is fitted ñ in line with G3 requirements for unvented cylinders
  • Check the unit for signs of damage or corrosion
  • Check the panels to ensure there is no vibration and that they are properly fastened
  • All water connections must be checked for tightness or signs of leakage and the system water pressure must be checked
  • The air path to and from the unit must be checked to ensure it is clear
  • The heat pump water drain tray and the pipe to it must be checked to ensure it is clear and clean

The technician should then turn the unit on and check that:

  • The controls are operating properly The water pump is free and operating properly
  • The units fan is operating
  • That the unit is increasing the water to the correct operating temperature