At Worcester Bosch, we believe in the power of warming people’s lives.

On the surface, warmth is about creating a comfortable environment – a personal indoor climate – but the human need for warmth runs much deeper than that. It goes to the very heart of what a home is. Warmth sits side by side with protection, security, togetherness, love and belonging as the foundation stones of what makes a house a home.

"This philosophy is what drives our people and inspires warmth in their every action and interaction"


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Our calling

At the turn of the tap or the tap of an app, our boilers bring physical comfort, but they are also a wellspring of emotional warmth and enhanced wellbeing. Hidden in a cupboard, living on a kitchen wall or sitting in an airing cupboard, our boilers get on with warming lives so that people can get on with living and enjoying life.

Yes, boilers are our everyday, and heating and hot water our world, but generating and sharing warmth is our reason for being. It’s the value we create and the joy we bring. It’s our calling.

A shared philosophy

This philosophy is what drives our people and inspires warmth in their every action and interaction, but its reach and power go much further. It matters just as much to our customers, our installers, our merchants and our partners as it does to us. This way of thinking is what attracts us to each other and the glue that binds us.

We work with and serve like-minded people who share our values and who believe in our calling as deeply as we do. Much more than this being simply good words, we appreciate that for these people who matter, we will be judged by what we do, not what we say. 

Here are just a few of the advances, contributions and practical things we have achieved and continue to strive towards, in the pursuit of warming lives.

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Warming lives in action



We pioneer the heating and hot water solutions that keep our nation warm and our planet safe



We support installers’ businesses to help them and their families prosper



We safeguard our customers

Discover more

  • We replaced coal heating with central heating (Firefly) – providing warmth and sanitation to millions of homes that previously had nothing.
  • When we created the combi boiler, many more smaller homes began benefiting without the need for hot water tanks.
  • Through the creation of the condensing boiler, we have contributed to dramatically increasing efficiency, lowering fuel bills and saving millions of tonnes of carbon per year.
  • More recently, our Style range has redefined what boilers could and should look like, and this is further enhanced by our connectivity solutions – providing more data for faster fixes and simpler interfaces.
  • And, right now and into the future, we are working with the Government to pioneer the development and introduction of hydrogen boilers – safeguarding our planet with carbon free heating.

  • Our comprehensive apprenticeship programme is all part of a long-held commitment to nurture the industry talent of the future. We are also proud to be a lead sponsor of this year’s HIP Apprentice of the Year competition.
  • In 2019, we provided first-class training to more than 16,500 installers, up and down the country, through a team of 18 trainers with a collective 370+ years of experience.
  • From our industry renowned technical support helpline, our 100% next day spares delivery, our 70+ strong sales team and our new training initiative to promote broader business skills, we are committed to helping installers grow their business.
  • This year will see our biggest investment to date in our installer programme. Through our all-new Excelerate loyalty scheme, which is open to everyone, we will reward and help installers to benefit from accelerating their business with us.

  • Award-winning aftersales.
  • Passionate service team who go out of their way to get your heating and hot water running again.
  • Products built to last – through quality engineering and manufacturing.
  • Long guarantees for long-term peace of mind.
  • Designing products that keep energy bills as low as possible, that reduce waste to landfill, that aim to eliminate single use plastics, and that save water and energy resources.

An enduring commitment

For us all at Worcester Bosch, this is why we get up and come to work. We do this because we continue to believe, as Robert Bosch believed more than a century ago, that our products’ quality, our customers’ trust and our people’s wellbeing matter so much more than money.

Our commitment to and belief in warming lives is the embodiment of that ethos and of our higher purpose to protect our future and the world we all share.

“I have always acted according to the principle that I would rather lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and in my given word have always had higher priority to me than a transitory profit.”

Robert Bosch 1861-1942