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A combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes.

Benefits of combi boilers include:

Save space in your home

Combining both a water heater and a central heating boiler into one unit greatly reduces the space required.

Mains pressure water

Hot water is delivered through your taps and shower at mains level power, allowing you to enjoy high power showers.

Lower costs

Installation time and costs are reduced due to the combined nature of the boiler and having no tank in the roof space.

What type of boiler are you looking for?

Worcester Bosch - System Boilers
Worcester Bosch - System Boilers

System Boilers

  • Ideal for homes with more than one bathroom
  • Constant supply of hot water to any number of taps at the same time
Worcester Bosch - Regular Boilers
Worcester Bosch - Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers

  • Perfect for homes where a lot of hot water is used at the same time
  • Ideal where there are two or more bathrooms