Understand your boiler quote

At Worcester Bosch we understand buying your new boiler is a big decision. Choosing the correct installer and receiving an accurate quote are important stages in the boiler replacement process.

Organising a visit

When replacing your boiler, we recommend contacting around three installers to come to your home to talk through your heating and hot water needs, as installers might vary in cost and diagnosis.

Use our Find a New Boiler tool to outline your basic requirements and to select three local Worcester Accredited Installers. They will organise a visit, and in some instances provide an instant online quote.

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The Visit

The installer will discuss with you whether a simple replacement boiler is appropriate or if there’s a more suitable alternative. They might ask you questions such as; if you have recently added an extra bathroom; or plan to make any further changes in the future. Changes of circumstances like these, could affect the type or output needed and will allow them to advise the correct boiler for your needs.

Your installer will also explain the control systems that are available, from simple thermostats through to smart connected options, and they will show how they could fit best around your home and lifestyle. They will also discuss cleaning options and filters to make sure your new system is efficient as possible.

Following the Visit

The installer will send you a quote for supplying and fitting the new boiler, as well as the controls you have chosen. This quote should also include costs for cleaning options and filters, if any of these are needed. Adding a filter will remove contaminants that can cause your system to perform less efficiently and even damage your new boiler. If a Worcester Bosch filter is fitted, it will increase the length of your boiler guarantee.

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So what's your next step?

We recommend getting a free quote from a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer. These fully trained independent installers specialise in Worcester Bosch installations and can offer expert advice and extended guarantees on our products. They also in some instances can offer flexible payment options too.

Find a local Installer

Find a local installer

Each heating system needs custom designing. Find and contact a Worcester Accredited Installer in your area to book a home visit and get a free quote.

Find the right boiler for you

Our Find a New Boiler tool is the easiest way to find and compare Worcester products suitable for your home heating requirements and only takes a few minutes.

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