Benefits of Controls & Accessories

Boiler controls and accessories can make a big difference to your heating system. Our range offers you an additional way of boosting your system’s overall performance, longevity and efficiency.

Boiler Controls


We have a range of boiler controls to suit your lifestyle, including smart heating controls, digital controls and traditional mechanical controls. Different types of control each offer a spectrum of benefits and performance, so it’s important you have the right control to suit your needs.

Smart Controls

Smart thermostats offer great flexibility, putting you in complete control wherever you are. The Bosch EasyControl enables you to control the heating in each individual room to give maximum comfort when and where you want it. This along with the presence detection feature makes for maximum efficiency, with your heating adapting to your daily routine. These features mean you only use your heating and hot water when you need it, saving you money on your heating bill.

Bosch EasyControl

Bosch EasyControl


It’s important to protect and maintain your system, which is why we have designed a range of accessories to support and complement our award winning appliances. These include products such as our Greenstar System Filter, which protects your boiler or heat pump from dirt and debris in your central heating system. By having a System Filter installed, you are protecting your boiler from the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants by capturing contaminants before they reach your boiler.


Having a Worcester Bosch System Filter installed with your boiler will increase your guarantee length by 1 year



Other accessories such as our innovative CondenseSure Auxiliary siphon, reduces the risk of freezing in extreme weather conditions. All condensing boilers need to discharge condensate water as part of their normal operation. Our CondenseSure accessory is a simple and cost effective way to help reduce the chances of externally routed condense pipes freezing, preventing the risk of a lack of heating and hot water when you need it the most.

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