Bosch EasyControl - Smart Thermostat

Do it the Easy Way

Do you want to heat your house before you get home from a weekend away? Turn off the heating in an unused bedroom? Check your energy use anywhere from your phone?

With up to 12 year guarantee when installed with one of our boilers, the Bosch EasyControl is a smart connected thermostat which makes it easy to control your heating and hot water whilst saving energy. Now wired or wireless (with EasyControl RF Key) installation available.

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Easy on the Eye

Available in black and white, the wall-mounted controller has a modern, sleek design, making it a stylish addition to any home.

With the ambient colour display designed to keep you informed as to what your EasyControl is getting up to. A variety of fading coloured lights will notify you when the control is changing modes or settings. 

Farsight is now also available to show you practical information such as the time or the weather outside.

Two colour options available

Individual Room Control

With EasyControl and Bosch smart radiator thermostats (Smart TRVs) you can easily control the heating in each individual room to give maximum comfort when and where you want it.

Our smart TRV’s even come with a child-lock setting, controlled through the EasyControl.

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Home Presence Detection

Let the EasyControl take over. Using the latest technology, the thermostat automatically turns the heating down if you're no longer in the house and detects when you're returning home, turning the heating up to your desired temperature.

Easy to Manage

The app provides you easy-to-understand graphs on your gas consumption for heating and hot water – it even has the ability to include current gas prices to give you accurate readings.

The display shows how efficient your heating programmes are, so you can adjust setting to keep energy use at an optimum level.

You can even book your annual boiler service via the app. Your installer will be notified that you have requested a service; or you can choose another reason for contacting the installer, for example a lack of heating and hot water

Easy to Use

The app and control interface makes it simple to tailor hot water demand and the heating times and temperatures in each room, to achieve the comfort you want.

Don't just take our word for it, download the app today and use the demo mode to explore the intuitive, easy-to-use app and all its features

Engineered by Bosch

The EasyControl is the only smart internet-conntect thermostat designed specifically for Worcester’s award-winning boilers.

However, the EasyControl can also be used with other manufacture’s products through using the EasyControl Adapter.

More to come...

Future updates will allow the EasyControl to be compatible with Bosch Smart Home Solutions and with it will come a bunch of new features to increase your comfort and security.

Easy to Use

Thanks to its simple-to-understand displays and its intuitive app

Engineered by Bosch

Designed specifically for Worcester's award-winning boilers

More to come...

Soon the EasyControl will integrate into your smart home

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the EasyControl app?
  • Nothing, it’s completely free to download and use. 
  • Please note: The EasyControl app is only available on iOS and Android devices.
How many devices can I connect to the EasyControl?
  • The EasyControl can support a maximum of 10 devices at once, allowing multiple members of the household to control the heating from their devices. 
  • Please note: If the home presence detection feature is active on all devices (it can be switched off in the settings section of the app), the heating won’t turn off until the last device has left the house. 
How many Smart TRVs can I connect to my heating system?
  • Currently the EasyControl can support 19 Smart TRVs split into 20 different zones (the EasyControl wall unit being one of the zones). There are plans to expand the number of TRVs supported by the EasyControl in the future. 
  • The EasyControl can be purchased on its own or in a set with 3 Smart TRVs. 
I don’t have a Worcester Bosch boiler. Can I still install a Bosch EasyControl?
  • The EasyControl can be connected directly to Worcester Bosch boilers. However, if you have a different manufacturer’s boiler, the EasyControl is still compatible through the EasyControl Adapter. Please speak to your local installer to find out more.
What happens with the data from my EasyControl?
  • For security and peace of mind, all data is stored on the EasyControl, ensuring no information is shared with other parties. 
  • In addition, by storing data on the device, any security risks associated with cloud storage are minimised. This also means that the control can continue to work, even when offline.
Can I turn the home presence detection feature off and use my set timings instead?
  • Of course, just go to the setting within the app and turn the feature off.
Can I program my hot water as well as my heating?
  • Yes, simply go onto the app and choose the times you want your boiler to provide hot water.
I already have a Wave control. Can I upgrade to an EasyControl?
  • Yes, the EasyControl uses the same back plate and connections as the Wave. Simply unclip the Wave control, clip in the new EasyControl and download the app.
Which rooms should I install the Smart TRV’s in?
  • We recommend you to install a smart TRV in every room for greater comfort. We also encourage you not to fit smart TRVs to any radiators in the same room as the Bosch EasyControl. If the Bosch EasyControl is set to a higher temperature than the TRV, having both in the same room can cause your heating to be permanently on
How many colours is the EasyControl available in?

The EasyControl is available in black and white.

If I remove EasyControl from the wall (e.g. for renovation work) how long will its settings be kept?

Forever. The settings are stored on the EasyControl itself. When the thermostat is reconnected, it will connect to the Bosch internet server and retrieve the correct time and date.

We’ve had a power cut. Does that affect EasyControl?

In the event of a power cut:

  • The EasyControl does not have power and the heating appliance is switched off.
  • The EasyControl remembers last set settings.
  • As soon as the power returns, the thermostat reboots, the current time is retrieved from the internet server and the appliance restarts according to the clock program.
The thermostat updates automatically. Can I turn this off?

No, automatic updates cannot be switched off. The thermostat automatically checks for updates on the server, which install automatically. The thermostat stays up-to-date so you can benefit from any product improvements.


Do I have to subscribe to a service to be able to use the EasyControl?

No, the EasyControl is sold including the free EasyControl app. The app contains all the features you need and is available can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

I'm moving house and want to take my EasyControl with me. Can I install it in a new property?

Yes, you can. Simply update the location in the app. You can also return the EasyControl to factory settings by pressing the thermostat’s reset button with a paper clip, but you will lose your current clock program. For more information, see the user manual.

How do I log out and create a personalised Bosch ID account?
How do I reset my EasyControl password?
For how long will my device get security updates?

All smart controls of the Easy Control product family along with related sets: 7 736 701 341, 7 736 701 392, 7 736 701 555 and 7 736 701 556 have a defined support period that ends on the 31st of December of 2032


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The EasyControl boosts the heating system's ErP rating by 5% with a minimum of three Smart TRVs, or 4% without Bosch TRVs, earning your system a better ErP energy classification label and saving you money

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