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Have you just moved into your new home?

After months of stress and uncertainty, it is nearly time for you to relax and enjoy your new home. However, just before you relax have you completed these important checks? Take a look at our moving house checklist below, to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Is your boiler pressure correct?

If your heating system has lost pressure, don’t worry this is something you can quickly resolve yourself. We’ve got a series of videos available that explain how you can re-pressurise your heating system should you ever need to. If your pressure keeps falling, this could suggest you have a leak.

Follow our helpful videos on how to repressurise your boiler

How to bleed your radiator

It’s normal for air to build up in your heating system over time, causing gurgling sounds or the tops of your radiators feeling colder than you would expect. If this happens, you will need to bleed your radiators. Take a look at our handy video on how to bleed your radiators.

Is your boiler at risk?

The boiler should be turned off by your installer or engineer and should not be used again until the fault has been corrected or a new heating system has been installed.

boiler service

What’s the benefit of a boiler service?

If you have recently moved into your new home, it may be worth having your boiler serviced. Servicing your boiler annually helps to keep it working efficiently, validates your guarantee and extends your boiler’s life.

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How to find out if your boiler is under guarantee

To check whether your boiler is still under guarantee, you can find the serial number on the front of your boiler. If you get in touch with us and share your serial number, we’ll be able to let you know whether the boiler is still under guarantee.

Find out if your boiler is still in guarantee

is my boiler still under guarantee
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I want to install a new boiler in my home, how do I know which boiler I need?

We understand choosing a new boiler is a big decision, which is why we’ve created our find a new boiler tool. It will ask you a few basic questions that involve your home, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the type of property you live in and we can even provide you with an instant quote.

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Find a local installer

Each heating system needs custom designing. Find and contact a Worcester Accredited Installer in your area to book a home visit and get a free quote.

Find the right boiler for you

Our Find a New Boiler tool is the easiest way to find and compare Worcester products suitable for your home heating requirements and only takes a few minutes.

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