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Greenstar Camray 18/25 (discontinued June 2013)

Greenstar oil boiler in a kitchen
Greenstar Camray boiler


Greenstar Camray oil boilers are suitable for siting in your kitchen.

As floor standing boilers, they can be installed under a worktop, provided there’s enough room for clearance and maintenance. The Greenstar Camray Utility boilers can be serviced from the front but for any in-depth maintenance a removable worktop may be required.

These boilers come with built-in heating controls and are also compatible with an optional plug-in time clock.

Greenstar Camray oil boilers are compatible with Greenskies solar panels.

Image of 5 year guarantee logo5 year boiler guarantee until 30th June 2013 (terms and conditions apply). See promo page for details.

Heat output: 18-25kW


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Features and benefits

  • Best official boiler efficiency rating (SEDBUK band A)
  • 5 year boiler guarantee until 30th June 2013, terms and conditions apply (standard guarantee: 2 years)
  • 5 year guarantee on primary heat exchanger
  • 10 year guarantee on secondary heat exchanger
  • Compatible with Greenskies solar panels
  • Optional fascia mounted 7 day programmer
  • Oil isolation valve
  • Robust quality manufacture

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