hydrogen ready

Worcester Bosch welcomes concept of increased use of green gas within the UK gas grid

Worcester Bosch welcomes recent communications by the UK Government on increasing the amount of “Green Gases” such as bio-methane and hydrogen to the UK gas grid.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management, commented; “All of Worcester’s Greenstar condensing gas boilers manufactured since from the year 2000 can accept a Hydrogen blend of up to 20%.”

“Due to this we have been involved in multiple trials with hydrogen gas including one at Keele University, where 150 boilers have been running up to a 20% hydrogen blend for around 18 months. This is nearing completion and we confidently move onto the larger trial of 670 homes in Gateshead.

“The fact that Worcester’s boilers can already accept a blend of up to 20% is further evidence why injecting green gases such as bio-methane and hydrogen into the UK gas grid is a positive step towards the wider implementation of these new, carbon-free fuels. So, it is increasingly positive to see the Government publicly advocating for this.”