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Out with the old, in with the flexi flue

The new Worcester flexible flue system was recently fitted with a Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular condensing gas-fired boiler to comply with listed building regulations.

The brief

Product manager Katie Stuart with the flexi flue installation Cannon Services (UK) Ltd are currently contracted by English Heritage to look after the heating and hot water requirements of all their London sites.

When asked to look at the boiler at Kenwood House, a listed building, they realised it required replacement. However a new boiler would have to be installed in the same place as the existing floor-standing open vent boiler.

James Cannon of Cannon Heating explains:

“Moving the boiler to a different location, such as against an external wall, would have required us to seek listed building consent, so we looked at the various products available where we could utilise the existing chimney to terminate the flue at the top of the building. I wanted a reliable company to provide both the flue and the boiler, so that the two complemented one another.”

The solution

They chose to install a floor-standing Worcester Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular boiler with a flexi flue (shown above right with product manager Katie Stuart). The flexi flue utilised the existing chimney route so the flue terminates on top of the chimney.

The installation

As part of the installation, the old steel flue liner was removed and the new plastic 80mm flue lead was fed down the chimney and connected to the boiler with a horizontal concentric 80/125mm extension and T-piece. An inspection plate was then screwed to the wall to seal the entrance into the chimney.

To finish, the existing flue terminal was removed and replaced, then the new flue terminal, complete with flexible flue system, was connected to the liner and sealed in position. The result was a neat installation that conformed to the listed building’s regulations and catering company’s requirements for heating and hot water.

The result

Commenting on the installation, James adds:

“Kenwood House is a listed building that’s open to the public 365 days a year, so we couldn’t have a 4inch flue on full-view at the side of the building that was fluming everywhere – it doesn’t exactly look grand, does it? – which is why the flexible flue option was so perfect.

“The product allowed us to keep the fabric of the building the same yet change the boiler to a condensing boiler, therefore helping Kenwood House reduce its running costs.

“Worcester is known in the industry for being reliable and trustworthy. The installation went well and English Heritage is really pleased with Kenwood House’s new system. It has been a very worthwhile project and I’m really impressed with Worcester’s new flexi flue.”

Useful links

View the Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular boiler

Kenwood House is famous for housing one of the nation’s most important collections of paintings for public viewing, including works by Rembrandt, Turner, Gainsborough and Reynolds, Kenwood House has also featured in films such as Notting Hill (1998) and Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (1999).

See more about Kenwood House on the English Heritage website

Date published: 14th April, 2009

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