How do hydrogen boilers work?

Our prototype 100% hydrogen gas boiler has been designed to run effectively on natural gas. This means that in the future, if hydrogen gas becomes reality, those who have a ‘hydrogen-ready’ boiler can simply convert to hydrogen without the need for an entirely new heating system.

The experts view

"The development of hydrogen-fired boilers will mean millions of existing heating systems in our homes can be saved, rather than the entire system needing to be replaced.

“The beauty of hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas is that as well as water as a by-product, we have already solved issues such as visible flame burn using a UV cell.  The gas network is also in place, so homeowners won’t experience any major infrastructure disruption.”

“With fully developed prototypes, various trials planned and many heating engineers and manufacturers in agreement that this could be a viable solution to decarbonise heating and hot water, we are hopeful that the future will be hydrogen.”

Martyn Bridges - Director of Technical Communication and Product Management 

Martyn Bridges


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