Energy Saving Tips

Energy saving advice for combi boilers

Learn how to adjust your heating temperature on your boiler to save energy.

Talking Greener Home Heating: Energy Saving Tips

By following our simple energy saving tips, you can lower your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your home heating bills.

Talking Greener Home Heating: Hybrids

Just like a hybrid car, a hybrid home heating system gives you the best of both worlds – the lower emissions of a heat pump and the convenience of a boiler. Angellica Bell watches one in action and finds out how it works – join her!

Talking Greener Home Heating: Air Conditioning

Cool down (or warm up!) your home with our energy efficient air conditioning units, which keep your home refreshed, clean and at just the temperature you like.

Talking Greener Home Heating: Heat Pumps

Angellica Bell joins one of our Worcester Accredited Installers, Rich Lloyd, to find out exactly how carbon-free heat pumps could future-proof British homes and how they work.