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The latest generation of Worcester Bosch home heating appliances are our most responsible ever. From our A-rated condensing boilers to our air source heat pumps, they’re designed to be as efficient as possible. So, whether it’s a new boiler, a heat pump or a combination of both, heat more responsibly #LikeABosch.

Heat Pumps

A home heating solution that uses air to deliver hot water for your heating system. Clever, isn’t it? An air source heat pump uses the energy in the air to provide heat and hot water to your home. A compact unit that’s super quiet and works with the Bosch HomeCom app, it’s ideal for all types of homes.

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Hydrogen-blend ready boiler

A-Rated Boilers

All A-rated condensing boilers have a lower carbon operating output than G-rated non-condensing boilers. Combined with our Bosch EasyControl app, you can control your heating from any room.

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Hybrid Heating

The clever combination of a heat pump and boiler, working as a team to make sure you’ve always got heating and hot water – significantly increasing your use of renewable energy. The heat pump generates 70-80% of your heating and hot water, using air as its main source of energy. The boiler kicks in when it’s needed (usually in colder months), supporting the heat pump to make sure your home heating is always running smoothly. Reliable, it’s a great solution for a wide range of homes.

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Hybrid Heating
Smart Controls

Smart Controls

Control your heating and hot water from your phone? You bet. With our smart EasyControl app, you can schedule your heating wherever you are and even turn your thermostat down remotely. It’s not just simple and convenient, it can help you control your energy consumption with ease.

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Team up for Hybrid heating

Team up for Hybrid heating



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