Our brand new Greenstar 4000 boiler

Our brand new Greenstar 4000 boiler

Published: 24-05-2021

As a business we are continuously innovating and investing to reduce our impact across the globe, our brand new Greenstar 4000 boiler series now has 100% recyclable packaging, and of course still comes with all of the reliability and performance you’d expect from a Worcester Bosch boiler.

Energy Efficiency

The new Greenstar 4000 is our most environmentally friendly boiler to date. It features improved energy efficiency, where the boiler is able to turn down its output, this is often referred to as ‘modulation’. The Greenstar 4000 can modulate at 1:10 which means for a 30kw version rather than always running at 30kW, using more energy, it can actually effectively operate at 3kW, reducing any waste.

No waste water

We’ve also introduced an innovative new ‘Quick Tap’ feature. As most of us will be familiar with in the UK, to get hot water from your tap, you often need to let the tap run for 10-20 seconds. With Quick Tap, you can flick your hot water on and then turn it back off, this sends a message to the boiler that you want hot water, you can go back to the tap 20 seconds later for example and you’ll have the hot water there, readily available, with no water wasted.

Increased recyclability

Our teams have worked incredibly hard over the past few years to continuously improve the recyclability of our product packaging, and we’re thrilled that this is our most recyclable product packaging yet, it’s 99.9% recyclable. We’re always working hard to reduce our impact on the environment, and as a business we’re now carbon neutral, however, this is the just the start for us.

Even greater control

The Greenstar 4000 range is wirelessly compatible with the Bosch EasyControl, our internet connected smart thermostat. This brings a range of benefits for you, firstly, with our Bosch Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), you can control the temperature of individual rooms in your home, from your phone. This helps to reduce energy usage, as you aren’t heating the whole home, if you’re only looking to warm one room.

With our Bosch EasyControl app, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on your energy usage, and even find ways to perhaps make extra little savings, whether it’s reducing the temperature of your home by 1 degree or turning your heating off earlier than it’s programmed to, if you’re nice and snug.

Did you know?

The Bosch EasyControl can now be operated with voice commands. If you have an Alexa, or Google Home Assistant, you are now able to change the temperature in your home through simple voice commands.

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