How efficient is your heating system?

Energy technology moves fast, and boilers get better every year. Find out below what the age of your boiler means and our suggestions for next steps to reduce your carbon footprint, and your bills.

Installed before 2005?

If your boiler was installed before 2005, it’s likely to be a G-rated non-condensing boiler. You can save up to £310* a year on your gas bills and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 20% when you install a new A-rated Worcester Bosch boiler in your home.

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before 2005

Installed between 2005 – 2018?

Generally, boilers that are more than 10 years old will have started to see a drop-off in their efficiency. However, whilst all boilers fitted since 2005 are A-rated for efficiency, meaning you probably won’t see huge savings by replacing one, you can still improve it by installing smart controls to boost efficiency and save up to £105* per year!

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Installed after 2018?

If your boiler was installed post-2018, it is likely to be extremely efficient, in good condition, and unlikely to need work or replacement, but you can still take steps to save hundreds on your gas bill by changing the way you use your heating and by servicing your boiler regularly.

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*Energy saving tips and associated savings are taken from the Energy Saving Trust, correct as of April 2024.

Carbon reduction information

Carbon emission savings can be made by upgrading a home’s heating system, this table provides this information based on the options available from Worcester Bosch.

The scenario detail has been provided by a qualified SAP Assessor. SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is used to understand the heating and energy performance when building or upgrading a property. Tests were conducted on UK new build properties.

(Based upon a new build property (End terrace, lOOm° total floor area - SAP 10.3 software used).
Carbon reduction information