Heat Pump VAT relief

Heat Pump VAT relief

To support you with energy saving home improvements, the government has removed VAT on heat pumps, solar panels and insulation for the next 5 years (starting April 2022).  Prior to that there was a 5% VAT tax relief on these products.

Your installer will be responsible for charging you the correct VAT.

“We welcome the Chancellor’s removal of VAT on heat pumps, solar panels and other energy-efficiency measures. We feel that this will support the needed transition of UK homes towards a net zero future.”

Carl Arntzen, CEO

Boiler Government Upgrade Scheme

Boiler Government Upgrade Scheme

This is on top of the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme incentive, where households can save £5,000 off the cost and installation of an air to water heat pump and £6,000 off a ground source heat pump.

Learn more about the boiler upgrade scheme

Energy efficient boiler upgrades carry the standard VAT rate, though you may be entitled to an energy efficiency grant for your boiler here.

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