View the terms and conditions for the guarantees that apply to our Greenstore mains pressure domestic hot water (DHW) storage cylinders.

Mains pressure domestic hot water storage cylinders

The Greenstore mains pressure domestic hot water (DHW) storage cylinders are guaranteed in both part and parts and labour for a period of time as detailed in the standard guarantee periods table.

Products installed from 1st January 2007 are covered within these terms and conditions, which are as follows:

  • Worcester, Bosch Group will guarantee the cylinder for both part or parts and labour as detailed in the Worcester products standard guarantee periods table.

  • The DHW cylinder and not the associated valves, vessels and components will be guaranteed against the cylinder leaking due to internal corrosion or manufacturing fault.

  • The DHW cylinder is not guaranteed against scale formation.

  • The cylinder and associated equipment must be installed in accordance with Building Regulations and British Standards 6700, 6798, 5449 and 7593.

  • The cylinder must be notified to Building Control via a competent person’s scheme or directly with Building Control.

  • The heating system must be flushed and cleansed in accordance with BS 7593.

  • Any solar installation must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the Building Regulations with particular reference to the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide.

  • The installer must either hold the Worcester Accredited Training Course qualification for unvented domestic hot water (DHW), or an industry qualification recognised by Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. and the competence person’s scheme. Alternatively the installation must be inspected and or approved by the local building control department, with any associated documentation being available upon request.