View the terms and conditions for the guarantee that applies to our Domestic hot water secondary heat exchanger.

Domestic hot water secondary heat exchanger

The Domestic Hot Water secondary Heat Exchanger on the following combination boilers are guaranteed in both part and parts and labour for a period of time as detailed in the standard guarantee periods table.

Appliances covered

Greenstar gas-fired combination boilers

  • 25 & 30i
  • 24 & 28i Junior
  • 25 & 30Si Compact
  • 28, 32 & 36CDi Compact
  • 29, 34, 38, 42CDi Classic
  • Highflow 440 & 550 CDi

Greenstar Heatslave II oil-fired combination boilers

  • 12-18kW Internal and External
  • 18-25kW Internal and External
  • 25-32kW Internal and External

Terms and conditions

Worcester Bosch will guarantee the Domestic Hot Water Heat Exchanger for both part and parts and labour as detailed in the Worcester products standard guarantee periods table and or extended guarantee product offer. The guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The guarantee only covers lime or calcium scale formation of the Domestic Hot Water section of the Heat Exchanger
  • The temporary water hardness of the mains water must not exceed 200ppm
  • Should the temporary hardness exceed 200ppm then it is recommended that a suitable scale prevention device is fitted
  • Any water softening device installed must not be used to fill the primary water within the heating system
  • Protection from a back flow prevention device on the incoming cold water mains will be required to manufactures literature