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From April 2018 all new boilers installed in England must have both a thermostat and timer fitted to meet building control requirements.

If your boiler is a combi boiler you will need to also have one of 4 energy saving measures as a part of your system, you can find about which boiler system your likely to need in our find a boiler online tool.

The most practical and inexpensive energy saving measures to meet this requirement include adding a control which has one of the below features:

  • Load Compensation
  • Weather Compensation
  • Smart thermostat, i.e. technology automation and optimisation

Alternatively you can install an additional Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device onto the top of your boiler.

The Worcester Bosch control range allows you to easily meet these regulations in your home, with some controls such as the Bosch EasyControl including everything you need to be compliant within one simple control unit.

You should expect to see the following items listed on your quote from your installer:


All boiler types:

  • Thermostat 
  • Timer or programmer


Combi boilers also require at least one of the following:

  • Control with Load Compensation feature
  • Control with Weather Compensation feature
  • Control which is “smart” i.e. it allows you to automate and optimise (typically via a smart phone app)
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device

Rest assured with Worcester Bosch you have a range of choices  to easily ensure you meet building control requirements.



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