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DT10RF Digistat optimiser (MK II)


Product type:
Programmable room thermostat
Heating,Hot water
Programmable period:
7 day

What does it do?

The DT10RF Optimising Digistat controls the times and temperature of your heating and hot water. The optimiser function calculates the time the boiler needs to start in order to reach the correct temperature at your programmed times.

Why choose this one?

This DT10RF Optimising Digistat fits around your lifestyle by allowing you to set up to 6 different time periods for each day of the week for heating. You can also set the room temperature for each of these 6 periods. The times for your hot water can be different for each day of the week.

There are two parts to this control - a transmitter and a receiver. They use radio frequency (wireless) which means there is no additional wiring required to install them. The wall mounted transmitter controls the timing and temperature for your heating and the boiler mounted receiver controls the timings of your hot water.

The DT10RF Digistat optimiser also features a ‘holiday function’. This allows you suspend your normal heating and hot water times for the duration of your holiday and resume them on your return.

Please note:
This control is compatible with all Greenstar combination boilers. It’s also compatible with the Greenstar 30CDi system boiler, provided the optional integral diverter valve is used.

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