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Gas boilers

Image of Which 2013 (product pages) In the 2014/15 report and for the fourth year running the entire range of Worcester Greenstar gas boilers have been awarded Which? Best Buy, the only boiler manufacturer to have been awarded Best Buy status*.

5 year guarantee on all Greenstar gas boilers

All Greenstar gas boilers come with a standard 5 year guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

Find information on Greenstar gas boilers below, or, use our Find a Boiler search to see which is the best boiler to suit your needs.

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*Which? annual boiler report September 2014

Combi gas boilers

Product Features
Greenstar 42CDi Classic
Greenstar 38CDi Classic
Greenstar 34CDi Classic
Greenstar 29CDi Classic
Greenstar 36CDi Compact
Greenstar 32CDi Compact
Greenstar 28CDi Compact
Greenstar 30Si Compact
Greenstar 25Si Compact
Greenstar 28i Junior
Greenstar 24i Junior
Greenstar Highflow 550CDi
Greenstar Highflow 440CDi

Regular gas boilers

Product Features
Greenstar 40CDi Classic Regular
Greenstar 30CDi Classic Regular
Greenstar 30Ri
Greenstar 27Ri
Greenstar 24Ri
Greenstar 18Ri
Greenstar 15Ri
Greenstar 12Ri
Greenstar FS 42CDi Regular
Greenstar FS 30CDi Regular

System gas boilers

Product Features
Greenstar 35CDi Classic System
Greenstar 30CDi Classic System
Greenstar 30i System
Greenstar 27i System
Greenstar 24i System
Greenstar 18i System
Greenstar 15i System
Greenstar 12i System

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