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Greenstar i overview

Our Greenstar i combi boiler is the replacement for the well-established award-winning Greenstar i Junior, which has been installed in over 1 million homes across the UK.

Perfect for small to medium sized homes with one bathroom, the boilers' new features have been designed based on installer feedback. These boilers now include increased outputs, higher hot water flow rates of up to 12.3 litres/min, a user friendly control panel and a larger condensate siphon that eliminates the risk of condensate freezing*.

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Features & Benefits

Wall mounting jig providing pre-plumbing and rear piping as standard
Low lift weight
Single panel front for ease of removal
Central heating flow and hot water temperatures can be adjusted using simple up/down buttons
Plug & play optional Worcester controls available
Fan can be removed with just one screw and the expansion tank is now inside the boiler
Large siphon inside - eliminates risk of condensate pipe freezing*
Clear text description for quick boiler diagnostics
Simple weather compensation option
Simple boiler controls with clear information display
Commissioning information for easier completion of the Benchmark checklist
Homeowner service reminder
Achieves an A+ ErP package efficiency rating for heating when installed with a Wave smart internet connected control
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Technical Details

Greenstar 25i Greenstar 30i
Part number 7 733 600 012 7 733 600 005
ErP Efficiency Rating
ErP Data Sheet ErP Data Sheet ErP Data Sheet
Solar Compatible
Wave Compatible
Control Options
Dimensions (mm) height x width x depth 710 x 400 x 330 710 x 400 x 330
Clearances (mm) above, sides, below and front 30, 5, 200, 600 30, 5, 200, 600
Maximum horizontal flue (mm) 4600 4600
Maximum vertical flue (mm) 6400 6400
Ingress protection rating X4D X4D
Wall mounting jig supplied
Central heating output (kW) 24 24
Max DHW output (kW) 25 30
Hot water flow rate (litres per minute) 10.2 @ 35°c ∆T 12.3 @ 35°c ∆T
Minimum inlet pressure (bar) 1.3 2
NOx emissions (mg/kWh) 49 (39 with a code plug) 49 (39 with a code plug)
Lift weight (kg) 31.7 31.7

*The Condensesure Siphon has been proven to be effective at preventing frozen condensate at -15°C for a sustained period of 48 hours. 32mm pipework must be used and should not exceed 3 metres in length

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Related Accessories

Boiler Accessories Part number
Keyless Filling Link 7 716 192 610
Earth bonding strip 7 716 192 686
Heat exchanger cleaning kit 7 733 600 091
Filling link 7 716 192 281
Vertical Pre-piping Assembly Kits 7 716 192 713
Flashing Kits Part number
Pitched roof flashing kit (100mm & 125mm dia) 7 716 191 091
Flat roof flashing kit (100mm & 125mm dia.) 7 716 191 090
Flue Part number
Long telescopic flue kit (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 171
Horizontal flue kit (125mm dia.) 7 719 003 702
Support bracket kit (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 177
Support bracket (125mm dia.) 7 716 191 179
High level horizontal telescopic 60/100mm flue kit 7 733 600 048
Support bracket 6 pack (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 178
60/100mm (x2) 45º bends 7 716 191 085
Vertical BF kit (100mm) 7 719 002 430
90º bend (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 084
1000mm extension kit (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 083
Short flue extension, 220mm (100mm dia) 7 716 191 133
2m flue extension (100mm dia.) 7 716 191 172
High level horizontal flue adaptor (100mm dia) 7 719 002 432
Standard telescopic horizontal flue kit (100mm dia) 7 716 191 082
Plume Part number
Plume management kit (60mm dia) 7 716 191 086

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